09 March 2008

DS on Nancy Reagan's 1954 Voter's Registration List

Nancy Regan's 1954 Voter's Registration entry for Los Angeles County, California indicates she is registered as a "DS." The "R" and "D" are Republican and Democrat. I'm uncertain what the "DS" is referring to---I doubt it means Democratic Sympathizer. Blogger is not letting me post the image. The California Voter's Registration lists 1900-1968 can be searched at Ancestry.com. If I can get blogger to upload the image, we'll post it.

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Michael John Neill said...

A reader indicated that the "DS" probably means "declined to state." They did a google search---which somehow never entered my mind---it must be Monday.

Someone with some time on their hands could track Nancy down in later years in these records. I'm assuming she converted to "R" at some point in time.