03 May 2007

Wanna go to Salt Lake at the last minute?

Anyone who thought they missed our trip deadline is in luck. There
are still options for anyone who wants to join us in Salt Lake May
16-May 23 for a week of family history research at the Family History
Library in Salt Lake. Millions of genealogical records will be at
your disposal. Our group size is small, so everyone will get
individual attention and assistance as needed.

More information on our trip is available at:

We do have people who are driving instead of flying to Salt Lake City.

There are options besides our official hotel. Those who have the
flexibility of making late plans should email me with questions. Our
trip is especially great for those who have always felt they would
feel overwhelmed by the library--someone will be there to help. Or
more experienced researchers will have others to share ideas with and
not be alone for the whole week. Consultations with Michael are
available throughout our stay and if appropriate you'll be given an
"assignment" for your problem and told to report back. Shorter,
off the cuff questions are okay as well. I've researched for over
twenty years and made numerous library research trips.

Email me with trip questions at mjnrootdig@gmail.com.