14 February 2007

Can You Read It?

Can you make out the name of the father from this 1895 birth certificate in Hancock County, Illinois? We've included more than "just the name" because there was some overlapping writing.
Go ahead and post a guess.


Miriam Robbins said...

Tjark Huls(e?)

Is this an Ostfriesian name? Tjark reminds me of some of my Frisian ancestors' names: Tjamme, Tjerk, etc.

Bubba said...

That is it, Miriam. They apparently crossed out the "e" at the end, which was an error. It is an Ostfriesen name. Several of the examples here are Ostfriesen as that is where all of my maternal ancestors are from.

And as they used to say:
Eala frya Fresena! Eala frya Fresena!


Anonymous said...

Tjark Huls - the Ostfrisen names are a little easier because I have seen examples before, now watch me guess wrong next time. Diana

Anonymous said...

Tjark Huls was the name of my grandmother's father. He was born in Weisens, Ostfriesland, Germany. His name was pronounced to sound like "shark".