Family History Trip 2015-Updated!

Any questions about registering? Email Michael at

We've set the dates for our 2015 Family History Research Trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City in 2015--19 May 2015 through 26 May--different from previous years.

Join us for a week of genealogical research in the world's largest genealogical library between  19 May and 27 May 2015.  We are in the library from open to close--with an optional hour long presentation at 8 am. every morning. Otherwise there's no distractions, with time for research all day and time for questions when you have them. The library is not busy with hundreds of conference attendees using the facilities the same time as you.

Our group is informal, with the focus on helping you with your research as much (or as little) as you need. We have people who join us simply because they like to be a part of a group--which is fine. A few of us even take the California Zephyr from the Chicago (or points in between) to Salt Lake. If you've wanted to take the train but didn't want to arrive in Salt Lake late  or leave early by yourself--consider joining us as Michael takes the train too if you'd like that option. Complete registration is $175.

Don't wait --- pre-register today for only $50. Balance of registration is due 1 March 2015. It is not too early to start planning for 2015.  Pay the complete registration fee once here.

The complete registration price is $175--that's a bargain compared to other trips. This fee includes pre-trip planning assistance, morning presentations at 8:00 every day the library is open during our trip, onsite consultations, assistance in learning to use the equipment at the library if necessary, quick on the fly questions, and follow-up assistance as needed or requested. 

Travel arrangements are on your own as are all personal expenses. Most of us stay at the Salt Lake Plaza, but where you stay is up to you. The Plaza is next door to the library--very convenient. 

The official group activity starts on 19 May at 6:30 pm with a short meeting in the hotel for a quick orientation. Full daily activities start the next day, with group presentations on:

  • 20 May
  • 21 May
  • 22 May
  • 23 May
  • 25 May--Memorial Day. Library is closed. We will have two morning lectures and we will meet for problem-solving sessions in the afternoon to work on your own problems. We will do online research (in the hotel) using various databases and websites. 
  • 26 May
Sunday the library is closed. We usually meet for an optional brunch in the hotel and I have consultations on Sunday with those who would like to discuss how their research is progressing. 

Travel arrangements are not included.  Our group size has traditionally been small and we plan on keeping it that way.

Michael's Train Schedule

I'm taking the California Zephyr from Galesburg, Illinois, to Salt Lake and back. If you'd like to take the train with me either way, here are my departure dates:

  • leave Galesburg on the Zephyr on 17 May which arrives in Salt Lake on 18 May around 10:30-11:00 pm. We'll all take a cab to the hotel.
  • leave Salt Lake City on the Zephyr on 28 May at 3:30 or so am., headed east.